Thursday, August 24, 2006

SOLIDARITY- New Union launched

More Pay
More Say

You know how much your pay has
fallen behind the cost of living over
the years.
You are now facing rising costs for
petrol & diesel, power, rent & rates, food
and most other necessities of life. The gap
between the rich and the poor is growing
wider than ever.
That’s because so many workers have
been shut out of unions for the last 15
years. If workers are not organised
together in a union, they go backwards.
Workers who were around 15 years
ago, when the union movement was
much stronger, know they also enjoyed
more rights at work back then. Like job
delegate rights.
Most workers have had enough. They
want to see big improvements in their
pay and their rights. They know this
requires a strong workers’ union.
Solidarity Union is on a crusade for
More Pay and More Say for workers.

Our strategy is simple but effective:
■ Recruit all non-union industrial
workers on your street (and nearby)
into the Solidarity Union.
■ Elect union delegates on different jobs
who will form a strong Workers
Council in your area.
■ Negotiate a single union collective
agreement with different employers in
your area which gives you More Pay
and More Say.
Solidarity Union will soon be at your
jobsite to talk with you and your mates.
We want you to join our union.

Go union! That’s the way workers
will get More Pay and More Say.